Tuesday, June 3, 2014

My Magical Visit to the UK

by guest blogger, Betty J. Moore

Big Ben

On May 9, I boarded a plane with Michael and launched off to one of the grandest and most magical adventures of a lifetime.  9½ hours later, we touched down at Heathrow Airport in London and hit the ground running.  This trip was about visiting and exploring as many stone circles as we could possibly manage in a 10-day span of time and to do as much healing as possible.  Since Michael hasn’t quite evolved his physical teleporting skills, as yet, he drove us pretty much from here to Kingdom Come and back in a car—up through the gorgeous landscapes of Wales and back down through England and from shore to shore through beautiful and bountiful

After healing at Avebury Stone Circle
And all this driving was on what I call the “wrong” side of the road on ridiculously narrow pathways flanked so closely by stone walls and tight tall hedges, with some thoroughfares being so skinny that only one tiny car could pass through at a time—yikes!!  To add to the fun, 3 good friends from Austria—Barbara Jakesz, Matthias Jakesz, and Barbara Kaindl joined us—a very special meeting for me!

My new home near Stanton Drew
Conwy Castle and Bay

Bath, England
Lle'r Neuaddau Circle in Wales

In one of Michael’s previous postings, he so aptly describes some of the history and meanings of these stone circles, as well as how the energy works within them.  Briefly, I can say that I know they are “hot spots” that were sought out by ancient beings approximately 3500 to 6000 years ago and were marked by placing stones around them—some stones so massive and transported from such great distances that it will forever be a mystery as to how it was accomplished.  On this trip, we visited 15 different circles and returned again to 5 of these, making 20 different healing experiences for me.  

Moel-Ty-Uchef Circle in Wales... my favorite!
Down Tor Circle on the Dartmoor in England

The circle that needs no introduction: Stonehenge
 My experience of entering these circles is that each one had a different feel to it, some very subtle and others more intense.  As I entered the circles and spent time within them, I tried my best to pay attention to the energy, noticing what emotions would rise up—sometimes I could not feel anything for a while but, eventually, deep feelings bubbled up that may not have ever been accessed had I not been inside these circles.  With great assistance from Michael, I was able to heal and change my heart, blood, and adrenal energy, along with my DNA and overall body function. Sometimes, as the issues became acutely apparent, it was very uncomfortable and unpleasant, but as the issues moved through me and the connection to my Light took over, the circles facilitated a peaceful, blissful energy within.  Some of the achieved qualities were unprecedented love, care, fulfillment, power, acceptance, security, capableness, joy, truth, and purpose.  Just imagine how much untapped potential we have!

Some friends near Moel-Ty-Uchaf
The circles we visited included Avebury, Rollright Stones, Llanrwst, Moel-Ty-Uchef, Hirnant, Lle’r Neuaddau, Stanton Drew, Stonehenge, Woodhenge, Rempstone, Fernworthy, and Down Tor.  Several were tucked away in very remote areas.  Hiking up through farmlands and landscapes, the energy was remarkably ancient and enchanting. And so closely interacting with the animals out there was magical for me!

Pony near Down Tor Circle

In the flow of peaceful power at the center of Stonehenge

It may sound cliché, but after this experience, I have to say that I will never be quite the same again.  I will be forever grateful for an amazing experience of massive healing, growth, and development.   Making this trip has been a huge stretch in so many ways.  Thank you, Michael!  Wahoooo!!