Monday, March 24, 2014

Research 101

One of the reasons I wanted to change my practice was so that I could do more research. Previously, it was only convenient to do my in-depth studies during weekends. Being so busy with my practice prevented the exploration that I desired. Now, I have no such restrictions. As a result, I can delve deeply into any and every area of energy and Light that attract my attention at any time I desire. And that is what I have been doing.

For the past several months, I have been exploring my genetic programming on a daily basis. I have spent hours learning about my programming and evolving it. In particular, I have been moving my parents and ancestors out of my DNA and learning how to bring my Light into and through my DNA. In association with this process, I have been teaching my body how to function differently. This is no simple task.

From my studies, I would surmise that many parents give their energy and Light to their children, thinking that that is the appropriate way to parent. I doubt that these well-meaning parents ever considered that they do not belong in their children’s space and that their real task is to assist their children in bringing their own Light and energy into their body.

And relating to body function, it is now clear that there are so many other possibilities for how organs and organs systems can operate. I am busy discovering what those alternate functions are and how to attain them. This is a really fun, creative process that holds so much promise for a vastly different bodily experience.

Then, of course, my explorations of other dimensions of energy continue. This process always leads to dramatic changes in perspective. And much of what has seemed meaningful in the past has changed. The inherited and socialized programming has revealed its limitations and becoming alive is the most compelling motivation that I have now.

As a direct result of my research, the long-distance healing has continued to evolve in great ways. Since sharing what I learn is my second most compelling motivation, it has been exciting to assist people with the evolution of their Light, energy, and physical body. And it has been especially exciting and interesting to assist people with the advancement of their body function. Fun stuff!