Monday, February 17, 2014

Press release for Light Medicine

                                            The key to solving all health concerns
                                     Dr. Michael D. Winer explains how working with
                               light and an emotional process can resolve health problems

HOOD RIVER, Ore. – What if there was a key to solving health issues once and for all, rather than simply managing them? According to Dr. Michael D. Winer, there is: treating issues affecting the metabolism of light.

“Light is the basic building block and nutrient for our body,” said Dr. Winer. “How we engage and interact with light has profound consequences for health, fulfillment and creativity."

He explains this concept in his new book Light Medicine: Evolving Our Body, Our Life, and Our Planet. The book is a guide to help people take charge of their life, health, and future through Dr. Winer's unique healing process. He explains the importance of an emotional healing process to take care of ourselves, to more effectively engage light, to resolve disease and dysfunction, to achieve optimal health benefits, and to realize our potential.

"By practicing the exercises in this book, people can take an active role in their health and personal development, " he said.

Dr. Winer shows that an effective emotional process can help people address all levels of their energy, from the physical to the most abstract. He is pioneering a new healing paradigm based on research showing how we use light and energy in our body determines whether we experience health or disease. Dr. Winer explains that emotional and energetic issues adversely affect how we use light and energy, leading directly to our health concerns.

According to Winer, "Our body and life are expressions of light and energy. We can develop and use them in unprecedented ways. Of particular interest, this work highlights the possibility of developing enhanced physical body function and new forms of human expression. To achieve these possibilities, we need to overcome limiting programs and emotional patterns. Instead of just playing out our programming and patterns, we can heal our limitations, realize more of our potential and become more fully alive."

Light Medicine: Evolving Our Body, Our Life, and Our Planet
By Dr. Michael D. Winer
ISBN: 978‐1‐4525‐7150‐8 (sc);
           978‐1‐4525‐7152‐2 (hc);
           978‐1‐4525‐7151‐5 (e)
Softcover, $33.99
Hardcover, $44.99
Ebook, $3.99
Approximately 504 pages
Available at and

About the author:
Dr. Michael D. Winer is a healer and a teacher of the healing arts. He is a chiropractic physician, having received his undergraduate degree from Dartmouth College and his doctorate degree from Western States Chiropractic College. He has been in clinical practice in Portland, Ore. since 1986. In recent years, Michael has created an enthusiastic clientele across the United States and internationally, including Austria, South Africa, The Netherlands, Germany and Bermuda. Michael is also the author of Healing: The Path to Freedom.

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