Sunday, December 29, 2013

2013 - A Year of Transition

            Wow! What a year… so far! From my experience, this is truly a time of change. Some transitions have been major, including births and deaths. And others have been relatively minor. But watching my own life and those of the people around me, this is a time when we need to be in the right place, right now. And to move there if we are not there already.

While it has been crazy hectic for me, as soon as my initiatives began, everyone and everything helped move them where they needed to be. As soon as I put my plans into motion, every event showed me that they were the right moves to make, and every step created greater movement and brought the changes to fruition quicker than anticipated.

My travels to Africa and Europe have had strong tailwinds helping them along: my coordinators—Barbara in Austria, Mariah and Jo in Cape Town, and Betty in Portland—so want to heal and are connected to similar people. A wonderful way to get some real healing going throughout the world.

The transition to a new business model has been smoother and much better for everyone than I expected. Once Betty and I decided to change our practice, literally everyone who crossed our path showed us that we made the perfect decision. It was the next step for everyone and we had to initiate it.

Then I decided to sell my condominium. Once I put it up for sale, offers came in that day and the sale was made in two days. It was time to leave Portland, but I had to take action. Now that I live in Hood River full-time, everything is easier and my time is freed up to pursue my heart’s desires.

Getting Book II out to the world has become an interesting adventure. A fun challenge to help it on its journey and to get it into the right hands. Without the time in my schedule, this would not have been easy to do.

            And I get to do so many things that I have wanted to do. Research is in full swing… it is amazing to see what my DNA is up to. I have worked on my genetic programming every day for the last few weeks… deeper and deeper I go. The input from my parents has been excruciatingly difficult to heal but so rewarding. Teaching the genetic energy that I have from my parents to heal, to want to heal, to let go of fears, to trust, to follow desires, to nurture… so cool! And the output (me, their offspring) gets to be freer and more in the flow of my Light. Also working on people this way has allowed me to develop my energy skills even more. I can do better work on physical body issues than ever before. And more profound work on people’s Light. So exciting! Certainly, this is just the beginning.

I am thrilled to be able to assist you on your journey of transition to a more fulfilling expression of your Light. And soon, the planetary healing work will begin again in earnest. May your Light shine brightly in the New Year!! And may we all create greater peace in the world.