Friday, November 29, 2013

Beauty and Healing in the African Bush – November 3-8, 2013

 Mariah and Jo created a magical retreat. We had a wonderful venue at Djuma Private Game Reserve, set in the African bush near the Kruger National Park in northeast South Africa. Then add in the masterful yoga, the healing, the incredible wild things, and the extraordinary people… a recipe for magic! Along with Priya, Conrad, Lilian, Abby, Melissa, Nina, and Rita, we shared five days immersed in healing, yoga, and the bush. Wow! Such amazing beauty shared with such courageous and amazing people!

Everyone discovered the Light at the core of their being and then everyone connected with everyone else’s Light. This was not a merging with other people’s Light, which would have been a disaster. It was a connection of one complete being to another. It was a life-changing opportunity and everyone took advantage of it to find a part of themselves that had been hidden for a long time.

I look forward to next year and another opportunity to share the expanded consciousness with another courageous group of people!

PS: all photos by Jo Feghale.

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  1. My Potential-O-Meter is maxing out reading about these grand "light" adventures with the Magical Michael. Ya’all are living the dream and ………..more to come.