Monday, October 14, 2013

Retreat in Ramsau, Austria

Many concepts are easy to understand but elusive to experience. The true Self is one such concept. It sounds simple… the genuine part of us. That should be easy to recognize, right? But, in fact, I have never met anyone who could readily access it without significant, specific healing work.

Thus, when the recent retreat in Austria was being organized, I thought that the most useful healing work would focus on recognizing and shifting people’s identity from the impermanent parts of themselves to the genuine parts of themselves. The theme for the retreat became “Getting Real.”

We picked Ramsau as our location so that we could go cross-country skiing on the Dachstein Glacier in the morning and do the healing work in the afternoon. The skiing was spectacular! Beautiful weather and perfect snow!! Plus many of the world’s top athletes training there, too. Very fun to watch the best skiers motoring around on the glacier.

I guided Christine Schaar, Barbara Kaindl, Matthias Jakesz, and Barbara Jakesz to the genuine parts of their energy: the true Self, the Soul, the Kundalini, the Earth energy, the Yin and Yang Light, and into their Light itself. Everyone shifted their identity! Yay! It was wonderful to see everyone remember their core energy and become more real. Now, of course, more healing work is necessary to build on these experiences, but the foundation is established. And they will never be able to forget the real parts of themselves and go back to their old way of being… success!!

PS: All photos courtesy of Barbara Jakesz

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