Saturday, August 31, 2013

Stone Circle Adventures

There are over 1000 stone circles in the British Isles. They range in age from approximately 3500 to 5600 years old. Many theories exist about their origin and usage, mostly relating to celebration, astronomical phenomena, fertility, and death. 

My 2013 stone circle research project began in late April. I had an idea about their function and, in particular, how to use them. It was time to test my theory.

My first stop was Stonehenge, where I had signed up for private access to the site, which is usually roped off to the public. Once in the center of the innermost circle, I could tell immediately that my idea was incorrect. I was expecting it to work as a transporter and it was clearly not the case. Nonetheless, it was a fun experience. And there were lots of people chanting and acting weird, so I fit right in :) I also got my first kiss of the day from a witchy woman who threatened to drag me into the bushes to have her way with me.

At the next circle I visited, I paid more attention to the disequilibrium that I had first noticed at Stonehenge. I began to map how the second circle affected my energy. I could feel, monitor, and measure an alternate flow of energy in me. Several people there were curious about my study and, after explaining my work, I was rewarded with my second kiss of the day from another enthusiastic sensitive. I knew I must be on the right track :)

At the third circle, I again evaluated the disequilibrium in my energy and began my healing work. And that is where things began to get really interesting. Once I had resolved the disequilibrium, my energy stabilized at a much higher level. I was in an enhanced state of being in which everything smoothed out and there was an unusual feeling of lightness and well-being. From there it was a natural step to feel the whole of my energy and to feel it merge in my body focused at my lower Tan Tien. From this new perspective, it was obvious that, without healing, people would either not feel the disequilibrium, bounce out of their body, or have to leave the circle. And that was pretty much what I could see when I watched other people at these circles.

From that circle on, I went into super-healing mode and spent hours in every circle resolving the deep issues that arose. Every circle brought up different issues and every circle only revealed its secret energy once I had accomplished the requisite healing.

I visited 10 different circles and when I returned to Stonehenge on my last day, I put what I had learned to use. There I experienced the most profound sense of power that I have ever experienced.

In August, I returned to England to continue my education and research. I visited one new circle and attained the heightened energy state again. A few days later, a friend from South Africa, Mariah Betts, joined me to experience the circle healing work and to evaluate how to use yoga in conjunction with the healing work.

Our first adventure developed simply because of a traffic jam on the M4. After spending more time stuck in traffic than I could tolerate, we took a detour that led directly to Avebury, the largest circle in the British Isles. I had not planned to visit Avebury on this trip. The perfection of the detour was not lost on either of us.

We immediately set to work. Together, Mariah and I healed up our active issues and achieved a delightful state of elevated energy. Fun stuff!!  After that, we continued our journey, visiting four more circles and doing some remarkable healing.

When I dropped Mariah off at Heathrow, I picked up my next companions, Chelsea and Tyler Smith from Santa Cruz, California. Their interest had been piqued by what I had told them about my April visit to the circles and they decided they wanted a healing adventure, too.

We visited seven sites starting with the Roll Right Stones near Oxford. Our journey took us to Cumbria—the Lake District of England—then to sites in Wales, and finished at Avebury and Stonehenge. Swinside in Cumbria was probably the most exciting site that we visited, especially with all the amazing healing that Chelsea accomplished while the cows were wandering around us. As an added benefit, while visiting Keswick, Tyler helped evolve our eyewear and made our healing work look almost fashionable.

Tyler and Chelsea were courageous and relentless with their healing. The life-changing evolution of their energy was one of the most extraordinary events that I have witnessed on the path of healing.

Thank you, Mariah, Tyler, and Chelsea for making some magic with me!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Every trip I take...


With every trip I take, there is a transition period. I am transitioning to a different rhythm and flow that is not bound by the usual constraints. I am attuning to even more of my energy and expressing it in a more organic way. I am remembering that magic is what is normal. And that the mundane is an easy trap to fall into. It can easily sabotage our joy and reduce our life to meaninglessness.

With that in mind, I wanted to initiate a group meditation to support you in rediscovering or enhancing your sense of daily magic. And fortunately, it is quite simple. Sit in a quiet space. Focus on your 4th chakra. Create an orange ball of light in the chakra and stay focused on it. Notice that this helps you get some distance from the worries of your life and to separate from the worries of those around you.

Within this space, imagine being totally in the flow of what you would like to do, what you would like to create. You do not need to know exactly what that is, just the feeling of it. Now allow that feeling to flow through you and take over in you. Allow the magic of that flow to inspire you and guide you.

Do this every day for the next week. Start your day with it if you can and end your day with it as well. Let's create some magic!!