Saturday, June 22, 2013

Book Signing & Refreshments

Copies of Light Medicine are scheduled to arrive on Thursday, June 27. After ten years of work, Light Medicine is finally ready for all of you. It will be so exciting to get it into your hands!

We are planning to do a book signing party on Wednesday, July 3 from 7-9pm at our office. Let us know if you are planning to attend. Betty and I hope you will join us for our celebration!
1523 SE Ankeny St
Portland OR


Greetings! And welcome to my blog. I plan to post regularly to keep everyone up-to-date on the latest news and adventures in my world.

To start with, Book II is now published!! Yay! Light Medicine is available through our website ( via either Balboa Press or Alternatively, you can email or call and we can send you a copy. Specify softcover or hardcover please.

Next up, Betty and I will be closing our office in Portland later this summer. While we will truly miss all the wonderful people who have shared this healing work in person, I need more time to do my research, writing, and exploring. I'll be happy to take you along with me on my travels! And both Betty and I will still be available to do our healing work over the phone and over skype.

Long-distance healing is obviously different than in-person healing, but they both have their advantages. There are certain things I can do long-distance that I cannot do in person (and vice versa). Working from a distance will allow me to use the skills in pure energy healing that I have been developing for many years. I am excited to share this with all of you!

So... it is time to do some more research... off to another dimension of energy... see you soon!